OPPO A15 Affordable Smartphone With Great Features


At the start of a highly successful 2021, Oppo launched an affordable smartphone in the Oppo A15. It is a huge, impressive effort with a big, sharp screen and solid battery life, but plenty of compromises – including a low-quality camera, poor performance, and sub-standard user interface. In spite of its flaws, I think the Oppo A15 has a lot to offer. It’s not as bad as the iPhone 7 Plus or as good as the Motorola Droid Mini, but it is definitely worth a look. In this review I’ll compare the Oppo A15 against its closest alternatives. OPPO A15

Let’s start with the most obvious comparison: against the iPhone 7 Plus and Motorola DROID Mini. The iPhone is clearly the smaller of the two smartphones, which automatically places it in a niche to compete with other bigger and bulkier smartphones such as the LG G Pro and Sony Ericsson Pacedroid. While it might be the smallest, it also has a reputation for being the most fragile. If you drop the phone, for example, you’ll probably have to buy a new case or spend a lot of money on a glass replacement. The A series from Oppo does not suffer this problem thanks to the material it uses, which is extremely hard and durable.

On the other hand, the Oppo A series from Alcatel is significantly bulkier, so if you want a smartphone that will fit properly in your pocket, you might prefer the A series from the Alfa Romeo and Oppo. With a larger display and more robust dual-camera setup, the Alcatel smartphone has the edge over the Oppo A15 when it comes to design and performance. It also has a slightly bigger battery, although it is still quite compact.

However, despite its size, the Oppo A15 packs quite a punch. It comes with four pounds of pure Lithium-ion batteries, which should give it enough power to last quite some time, especially if you use it to browse the internet or do video chatting. For this reason, you shouldn’t consider buying the A series from any store that sells cheap phones, because you’ll probably be stuck with the same screen size and screen color. If you want to buy an affordable smartphone that will last long, then you need to buy the Alcatel Idolator. It comes with a full HD screen, excellent cameras, and a fast onboard processor. The price of the handset is a little on the steep side, but the benefits of owning one are numerous.

Despite its hefty body, the A series still manages to pack in a lot of features. It comes with Nokia 3.4 interface, which allows you to easily send and receive emails. Along with that, you can also download plenty of ring tones and customize your own settings through the Plenty functionality. The Alcatel Idolator also features a quad core processor and the ability to upload large files through MMS, allowing you to upload pictures or music and share them with friends.

When it comes to camera features, the Oppo A15 smartphone has an excellent camera on board. It has a four mega-apixel camera, which takes great images and videos, even in low light situations. The OPPO A15’s camera however, is a bit on the slow side. That’s why you should consider purchasing an action cam for your phone, along with an external flash to help out with lighting situations. Other features include a micro SD card, USB connectivity, a proximity sensor, and an audible alarm.

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